Flat-bottomed flotation is critical for stability. Our brand of choice is PermaFloat ( PermaFloats are foam-filled and are encapsulated in a thick shell that is made of polyethylene with UV inhibitors. This tough shell helps prevent damage from the harsh sun and marine environment. The single-piece, rotationally-molded design eliminates seams that can result in separation and leakage.

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Sandwiched between the decking and the flotation is the frame of the dock. We offer US galvanized steel frames, aluminum frames from Tiger Docks, or wood frames. Frames are modular, and are in 20' x 4' dimensions, therefore only two frames are needed for a standard 20 x 8 dock. To maximize use of your waterfront location, custom designs can deliver a waterfront experience you would not have imagined possible.

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The most visible part of the dock is the decking. We use King StarBoard® AS, The Anti-Skid Marine-Grade Polymer Sheet. See for the manufacturer's information.

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Your dock is your waterfront access

Without a dock, your access to the water is difficult. Kayak, canoe and boat use requires a floating platform from which to launch.

Relaxing on a dock provides a greater sense of connection with the water. Drinks and even dining on your dock becomes reality with a Kai Dock.

Ask your realtor about adding value to your waterfront home. Most will tell you that the value you add gives an immediate return on equity once a dock is installed.


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The Hawaii Kai Marina have approval requirements that we can assist you with.

If you are in a condo, the first step is asking your AOAO Manager for their approval requirements. The Marina requires approval from the AOAO first.

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